Rubber Mold

Rubber is a material of botanical origin and is not functional in its crude form. The rubber is used to impart properties to the rubber and to use the cooking process. Rubber, along with the process of heat and wear, such as resistance to damage. Rubber structure is not suitable for use by itself. Therefore, the desired rubber molds can be produced by combining with different materials.

Rubber molds are used in many sectors such as automotive, textile, energy and interior use. Besides, rubber molds are generally used in casting operations. It is very important to select rubber in the production of rubber molds. Problems with incorrectly selected rubber, and in particular silicone rubber, may cause problems with their drawing. Therefore, the raw materials to be used for the production of rubber molds should be selected according to the area where the parts will be used.

Rubber Mold Materials and Production

Different types of rubber are available for rubber mold design. It is chosen by the manufacturer in the design stage which is most suitable for the mold to be produced. The type of rubber must be selected correctly at this stage. Otherwise, the selection of the wrong raw material will turn into defective parts.

  • Polyacrylic Rubber: It is a type of rubber that is resistant to high temperature. Polyacrylic rubbers are resistant to temperatures up to 150 ° C and are also the best type of rubber in ozone resistance. Polyacrylic rubbers are generally used for gearbox seals.
  • Silicone Rubber: The silicon rubber type is based on the heat level of 200 ° C and the bottom point is -60 ° C. However, it is possible to use up to 250 ° C for intermittent use. Usually uses for crank seals.
  • Fluorocarbon Rubber: Fluorocarbon rubber, which can be used up to 150 ° C, has high resistance to ozone, water vapor and glycol based brake oils and outdoor conditions.
  • Styrene Butadiene Rubber: It is less resistant to heat than other types of rubber. Suitable for use between -50 ° C and 100 ° C. It is basically resistant to acid, base and alcohol.
  • Natural rubber: Durability in terms of styrene butadiene Rubber rubber, similar to the type of rubber, flexibility and mechanical properties are suitable for use in areas requiring high features.

Rubber mold production is produced in accordance with different materials for each sector. Rubber molds should be made according to world standards. Therefore, the materials and designs that are accepted should be selected.

Rubber mold making is a process that requires high technology, advanced technical details and care. It is not a suitable raw material to remove rubber molds alone. For this reason, the rubber mold design is reinforced with different raw materials against heat, abrasion and the forces caused by chemicals.

Rubber Mold Design with Sphere Mold

In the manufacture of rubber molds, it is important that the process works properly in terms of the quality of the products. The process works seamlessly with control of raw materials and taking into account reference values. Samples are prepared by approval of the mixtures prepared for rubber molds. After quality and performance checks, the main production is realized. Durability, density and hardness tests are performed for each sample. Rubber molds prepared after the final controls are packaged in a suitable way and delivered to the customer.

Workflow and planning are important in the production of rubber molds. Production should be carried out taking into consideration the demands and requests of the customers. By adhering to certain standards, flexibility should be provided according to the requirements of the customers in design and production according to the demands of the customers. Continuous coordination with the customer must be ensured from the design stage of the production to the end stage and the requested product must be provided in a perfect manner.

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