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CNC metal processing is the transformation of hard metals into parts to be used in different fields by providing functionality. Metal machining with CNC provides more useful and flawless parts than lathe. Wood, plexi, sheet metal, iron, steel and aluminum materials used in the shaping of this method is most used in the field of metal processing.

CNC cutting processes can be used very easily in an integrated manner with different technologies. In addition to the CNC cutting process used as standard, CNC oxygen cutting and CNC laser cutting technologies are also used. In addition to the method used to produce a perfect component, the expertise of the firm team and the integrated technology are also important. Although the technical and hardware is high, the ability of companies to use it is the most important part for CNC metal processing.

CNC Metal Processing Advantages

Today, CNC is the most widely used area in the field of metalworking and machining. CNC is used in many areas such as automation parts, medical parts, spare parts production in defense industry, communication, lighting and spare parts production in satellite systems. The use of CNC in machining to give functionality to metals offers great advantages.

CNC machining, adjustment, measurement or control processes such as loss of time to eliminate the loss of serial and accurate production allows. CNC usage, which minimizes the consumption, enables the production of perfect components by minimizing all production defects that will be caused by the operator during the manufacturing phase. There is no need for system or master. This results in less cost.

Parts are made faster. In case of changes to be made on the parts to be produced, the program is not interrupted by changing the relevant part of the program. The manufacturing of parts has high flexibility.

Sphere Mold CNC Metal Machining With Flawless Parts     

It produces all the parts you need with its expert staff and high technology integrated methods. High production capacity does not only produce parts but also act as solution partners of our customers. Thanks to flexible production lines, our company saves time by producing different parts in a short time. In order to provide optimum costs for our customers, we create suitable and custom designs for work pieces.

Our sensitivity to quality and customer satisfaction has been continuing since the first day of our establishment. Our company is constantly improving its technology and systems by integrating with high technology and by expanding and modernizing the machine park.