Injection Mold Design

Injection mold design is to melt the raw material to be used in mold production with high heat and form by injection by injection into the injection machine. Mold design and manufacturing with injection method is used in many industries as it provides perfect mold production.


Injection mold design is very common but is generally used in plastic mold manufacturing. In particular, plastic raw materials with a constantly changing chemical structure are becoming more difficult to shape, while injection mold design eliminates this difficulty. The injection molding machine used in injection mold design and raw material affect the quality of production. When working in integration with other technologies, desired molds can be produced with both easy and zero error.

Injection Mold Design Process


The machines used in injection mold design usually consist of three different parts. These parts are called vise, injection and mold. The clamp part is the part of the male-female part. The melted raw material is pressurized in this part. The raw material is in the granular form in the container located in the injection section. In this case, the raw material is melted with high heat by the electric heaters. The melted raw material is delivered to the die by pressure in the clamp section. The pushing process from the vise to the mold part continues until the melted raw material fills the mold completely.

The raw material injected into the mold portion may run backward in the second stage. At this stage, if the raw material succeeds to escape backwards, the mold to be formed will be skewed, deformed or different shape defects. To avoid this, the holding pressure must be applied differently from the injection pressure. This pressure depends on the raw material, the size and weight of the part.

After the raw material is completely filled into the mold, the cooling process starts. In the final step of the injection mold design, the cooled part is removed from the mold. The molds formed after deburring and final arrangements are perfected. The molds are then packaged in a suitable packaging method and delivered to the customer.

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