About us

It uses its experience in die-casting, CNC metal processing, injection mold design, plastic mold and rubber mold services for many years. Our company helps you to achieve optimum benefits at the lowest cost. At the same time, we establish long-term relationships with our customers, not short-term, and provide them with solution-oriented services.

The main mission of our company is being customer satisfaction. We support our customers until the delivery of the project after the delivery of the product by making a solution partner. In addition to high technology integrated methods, we aim to be a fast and accessible company while we have gained experience in traditional mold design.

Mass Production with High Technology

It produces mass production with high technology and integrated production techniques. It manufactures mold manufacturing and machine parts for the main and sub-industry institutions such as automotive, defense, energy, textile, medical, white goods and telecommunication sectors.

In addition to the services it provides in our country, it achieves sectoral successes worldwide. As a company that is open to development, we integrate the changing and developing technology into our production techniques and we have been producing serial and perfect manufacturing processes.

Being the leading company in the fields of plastic mold and injection mold design, Kürekalıp maintains focus on productivity as well as mass production. In all the projects we manage, our first goal is always quality. We offer our customers more than mold or parts production with engineering solutions that can be applied and manufactured in our fields.

Perfect Parts with Sphere Mold

It manufactures long life products by subjecting all mold and machine parts which are within the scope of the project from production to production to the final stage. In addition, the machine produces the required parts in the production of parts using the appropriate production technique for each machine part. We have a large trading volume by producing the perfect components for all kinds of machinery in our sector.

We specialize in the design of molded, rubber mold, plastic mold and injection molds as well as CNC metal processing and machine parts for the production. Our company provides quality service not only in design and manufacturing stage, but also provides solution partnerships with its expert team after project delivery. You can reach to the address of Kürekalıp, which increases the service quality with appropriate design techniques, mass production, delivery commitment, solution partnership, 24/7 support with expert staff and optimum costs, and you can benefit from the quality services it offers for you.